Accredtitation Criteria and Code of Conduct

As professional croupiers, we know the below factors have a dramatic impact on the authenticity, ambience and 'Casino' wow factor created at an event.

All of our accredited members full-fill the following criteria and have signed up to our code of conduct.

We verify these details on a yearly basis to ensure an authentic casino experience at your event.

Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA)

Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA)

Who we are and what we stand for:
The PFCA members have extensive expertise that is founded upon years of experience. Based on our integrity and professionalism in managing our business, the fun casino industry in UK has progressed over the years in a gradual manner to adapt to changes in the events and entertainment landscape. In this respect, our business has evolved from the simple provision of traditional casino table games into corporate parties to a far broader fun casino concept, which includes weddings, charity fundraisers, birthdays, pubs and nightclubs.
Despite changes, the PFCA members remain committed to the core values associated with the PFCA’s identity: representing the interests of UK's, Fun Casino Industry.
This Code serves as a constant reminder of the key requirements set out by the PFCA, which its members are required to uphold as a condition of membership.
The Code governs the conduct of all PFCA members and seeks to ensure that they champion the PFCA’s fundamental values of integrity, professionalism and ambition by observing the principles explained in the PFCA code of Conduct.