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We are a collective of Fun Casino companies using professionally trained croupiers that have years of experience working in real Casinos.

The Professional Fun Casino Association provide a framework and accreditation scheme for Fun Casino companies to prove their credentials hence ensuring the quality of their equipment and staff.

We are an external body that verifies it's members to a strict standard.

Our mission is to ensure that people booking Fun Casino Entertainment know that there is a BIG difference between booking a Professional Fun Casino and booking your Casino entertainment with a company that has learned to deal Casino games from YouTube...

Booking with an accredited company gives confidence and reassurance that the Fun Casino event will be a true authentic Casino experience.

All of our members specialise in providing Fun Casino Entertainment, it is their main source of business.

Ensure you book a Professional Fun Casino company to provide a quality Fun Casino experience.
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June Howley
A word from one of our members - June Howley


For many years, professional fun casino operators have become increasingly frustrated at the number of amateur attempts to reproduce their service.
In a free market of course there are no limitations, sadly and the number of what can only be called ‘Mickey Mouse operations’ are increasing. With little or no knowledge of the games or equipment or how a fun casino should be run, the people that suffer are the trusting ‘Joe Public’.

In 2015, a number of like minded individuals, all with a solid background in casino dealing and management, all with their own fun casino companies based around the UK, got together and formed the Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA).
In order to join this group they debated and agreed upon a list of exacting criteria for members. These include, of course a previous career history in casino gaming; an established fun casino portfolio, photographic evidence of good quality equipment and accessories, a professional website and a Public Liability Insurance.

For those who are interested in booking a fun casino for their wedding, birthday, corporate event fund raiser or any special occasion, expectations will be high. The more important the occasion, the higher the expectations – and on the flip side of that coin of course, the greater the disappointment if things don’t turn out right.
The pathetic excuses I have seen that pass for a casino include six inch toy wheels rather than the professional, full, or even ¾ sized beautifully crafted roulette wheel (difference also in price - £20 compared to minimum £750.00). The actual cloths that the games are played on, called ‘lay-outs’ can be bought on Ebay made from felt for around a fiver. Professional lay-outs can cost anything from around £90.00 to £180.00 or more for a good quality roulette lay-out.
Some operators use plastic chips, bought from Argos or similar – fine for a family game but nowhere near the quality and ‘feel’ of a good, 11gm poker chip or the beautifully crafted roulette colour chips costing around 33p each.

Another point to consider – and this again is a difficult one for the layman. If you say you can speak Chinese you might fool me into believing it with a sentence full of gibberish – because I don’t!
Not so if you say you’ve worked in a casino in any capacity on the gaming floor. Here and there I have come across individuals that have tried that – but it’s easy for me to spot a chancer with a lifetime in the business. I have actually argued that I can tell if someone is a dealer (croupier) by the way they stand at a roulette table – without them touching a chip or spinning the wheel. Once or twice I have surfed the net, looking at the websites of fun casino companies, undecided as to laugh or cry at the glaring mistakes they make in their text and photos that shout ‘AMATEUR’.

Professionally trained casino staff with their knowledge and skill will help players make the most of their night, will explain the games, teach strategies and, because of their genuine love of the games, have FUN with the players. That is, after all, what a fun casino is about.

The PFCA offer reliability as well as a fully professional service. We welcome reviews and are happy to refer enquiries to the nearest member – thereby avoiding costly ‘add-ons’ for transport.
Many a fun casino website coins the phrase ‘Don’t gamble with your event, choose us’.
Whether you choose a PFCA member or go elsewhere, I hope that the points I have made above will help you in making the right choice for your fun casino entertainment.

June Howley, BSc. Hons, MD Aces Fun Casinos